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The Art of Teaching Voice


I currently offer voice lessons to students ages 10 and up of all levels and aspirations. Lessons are offered either in person at a location of the students choosing or virtually from my own studio space.

Please find more information on my teaching approach in the link below:


         Healthy singing is a multifaceted endeavor. It requires synergistic engagement, not only between the vocal folds and the vocal tract but also between the entirety of the body and the perceptive mind, regardless of genre or style. My teaching addresses and fuses each component of this pivotal trio comprising mind, body, and voice. The result should allow your instrument to find a newfound freedom of expression through a burgeoning cognitive awareness, progressively giving you the increased physical power, stamina, and agility to emote in a multitude of styles across the vocal spectrum.

         While the fundamental principles of hygienic singing apply universally, the many biological nuances (psychological, emotional, physical, genetic, etc.) that render each instrument unique make singing, at its core, a highly individual experience.  Thus, I am a fervent advocate of student empowerment. My job is to bestow you and guide you with the fundamental technical tools that you can then use to earn the gratification of becoming your own best teacher for whatever you desire to sing. Although I specialize in classical technique and employ it as a foundational anchor, my holistic approach is adaptable across the range of age, level, and style. It is intended to tailor to your particular needs and wishes.

         I strongly believe any motivated person bears singing potential. I therefore welcome all who seek to explore their love for singing and possess a passion to grow both intellectually and emotionally as artists. It is my ultimate hope that the emotional rewards and confidence gleaned from honing the link between your mind, body, and voice will benefit you, not only as a singing musician, but also, more broadly, as a person.


        I have had a lifelong fondness for music, science, and the aesthetic expression of emotion through sound. My Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Boston University serves as a hallmark of my enduring performance background in opera, art song, chamber music, church services, choral repertoire, and musical theatre. Recently, I have also increasingly discovered the brilliant educational tools that contemporary voice science has to offer the human instrument. My resultant engagements with vocal pedagogy in graduate school, through independent study, and at professional events has garnered a comprehension not only over the relevant anatomy, physiology, and acoustics of the voice but also of the psychology of singing and the essentials of complex "sensorimotor" learning. My additional experience with the Alexander Technique further helps supplement my practical understanding over the basic musculoskeletal functions of the human body.

          I have had the fortune of putting all my learning into pedagogic practice, both through personal teaching in private lesson settings and at various music schools. Additionally, I have provided critical analysis and constructive feedback for student singers in collegiate group studio classes as well as in the professional teacher’s studio throughout many years of my singing career.

         These experiences have cumulatively helped me identify and rectify errors in my own singing, enriched my performing and, thus, augmented my ability to empathize with colleagues and with the needs of aspiring singers. I am dedicated to helping each individual find this same vocal independence, which will allow their technique, self-confidence, and unique artistry to blossom.

         I endeavor to draw on these various facets of knowledge and direct personal experiences in my teaching. Amalgamating music and science as reinforcing rather than disparate arenas of knowledge, it will offer a holistic package of practices spanning beyond vocalism, from basic Alexander Technique to vocal athleticism to bodymapping to diction (using the acclaimed IPA) to some fundamental music theory and ear training. The ultimate purpose of my comprehensive approach is to directly benefit you and your particular ambitions as an enthusiastic singer. I will therefore strive accordingly to tailor my approach to your specific vocal needs and desires. I very much look forward to working with you.


         *I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and open to both in-person and online lessons. As a part time freelancer, my schedule is quite flexible. Please visit my Contact page for inquiries and booking* 

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